Five students and two teachers from the Mongolia KOSENs stayed at Natori Campus and joined ‘The Advanced Course Experience Program’ held  in cooperation with some local companies, NPO and the Osaki  City* from 18th to 29th September, 2018.

 They took some practical training classes in the advanced course at Natori Campus and visited some local companies in Miyagi Prefecture during this program.

 Some Mongolia KOSEN students hope to enroll in the advanced course and work for Japanese-affiliated companies after graduation.

 We expect that this program will be a good opportunity for them to know Japanese KOSENs and companies well. Also, through this program, the Mongolia KOSENs will improve their curricula for students hoping to study and work in Japan in the future.

 NIT Sendai College will continue to promote the overseas development of the Japanese KOSEN education system by providing the international exchange programs.

* This program was held in cooperation with G.E.S Corporation, SankouKensetsu, Kyoyu Co., Ltd., Meijigousei Co., Ltd., Daiken Industrial Corporation, NPO Mirai Sangyo Souzou Osaki, and Osaki City.