Message from Dr. Keisuke Sawada, President

Keisuke Sawada, Dr.
National Institute of Technology, Sendai College

Greetings from the Newly Appointed President

I have been newly appointed to serve as the President of National Institute of Technology, Sendai College and would like to extend my warmest greetings.

Sendai KOSEN, which was born from the merger and reorganization of Sendai National College of Technology and Miyagi National College of Technology, is one of the largest KOSENs in Japan. It is stated in our founding philosophy that we will contribute to the harmonious development of technology and society through the training of next generation engineers of creative fabrication and design (monozukuri) who are internationally competent and rich in humanity. Our graduates are to play a central role in the industry with their practical and creative abilities. I will do my best to achieve these goals and realize a fulfilling educational environment.

I wonder what words you associate with creative fabrication and design (monozukuri). Maybe gears, a lathe, electric circuits, or programs. Perhaps design or structures. You may think of anything from a mechanical system so small you cannot see it to something enormous; from something you make by toiling away alone to something you make as a team over a long period of time; and from something dynamic that boasts a beauty of form to something that stands still in silence; indeed, what one associates with monozukuri is diverse. Just as what one associates is diverse, there are various approaches, too, to learning monozukuri. The monozukuri education at KOSEN is based on science, however. Modern technology for creating things is based on science, and much of science can be expressed with mathematics and physics. KOSEN is a place to learn monozukuri based on science.

If you were impressed by small functions such as sounds, sparks, or movements from something that you were making for the very first time, I hope that you will consider entering Sendai KOSEN to take that sensation to the next level. We strive to train engineers with high expertise through laboratory sessions and hands-on practice. At the same time, we also teach the science that makes the technology possible. KOSEN students who have acquired their trade are highly valued by the industry and enjoy many opportunities when seeking employment. If students wish to learn technology even deeper, it is possible to continue their studies at the Advanced Course or to transfer to a university before entering a graduate school to create cutting-edge technology.

Although KOSEN education starts earlier than universities and takes a different approach, one can say that we are an institution of higher education that takes that small sensation of wonder you felt when making something for the first time and develops it. We provide continuous education of monozukuri until you reach a high level. The engineers who have received our advanced education and graduated from KOSEN are contributing to social development as the bearer of innovation. They are creating new value and giving back to society. It is my hope that students who are thinking of their course of education, and their guardians, will take notice of the attractiveness of Sendai KOSEN, an institution of higher education.