With rapid progress and remarkable technological developments in Japan during the early 1960's, every field of our society felt the need for trained technical experts. This led to the establishment of a new type of a higher educational institution, the college of technology (KOSEN). A college of technology admits students from junior high school, who then study one organized curriculum for five years.

Miyagi National College of Technology (Miyagi KOSEN) was founded on April 1, 1963. Originally, it had three departments: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Architecture. In 1968, the Department of Metal Engineering was added. In 1986 this was reorganized into the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. The Department of Design and Computer Applications was added in 1993. In April, 1998, two Advanced Engineering Courses were established: the Advanced Course of Production System Engineering, the Advanced Course of Architecture, Design and Computer Applications. April 2004 saw Miyagi National College of Technology turned into a member of the independent administrative agency named institute of National Colleges of Technology.

The Foundation Tohoku Radiotelegraphy School was established in January 1943 as the predecessor of Sendai National College of Technology (Denpa KOSEN). It became the Government Radiotelegraphy School-Sendai Branch and later became the (National) Sendai Radiotelegraphy School. At that time, it was known as the National Sendai Radio High School. Later, it was finally established as the Sendai National College of Technology in April 1971 under legislation in accordance with the New Law of the Education Ministry.

In addition, now that the Institution of National Colleges of Technology Japan Act has been enacted as of April 2004 (2003 Act Number 113), we have become the Sendai College of Technology of the Institute of National Colleges of Technology Japan. 

October 2009, Four highly developed national KOSEN (Sendai, Toyama, Kagawa, Kumamoto) were established by the reorganization of eight KOSEN. Miyagi National College of Technology (Miyagi KOSEN) and Sendai National College of Technology (Denpa KOSEN) merged into Sendai National College of Technology (Sendai KOSEN).

The seven departments were reorganized as one department: the Department of General Engineering, consisting of Information Systems Course, Information and Telecommunication Systems Course, Intelligent and Electronic Systems Course, Robotics Course, Materials Science for Environment Course, Mechanical and Energy Course, Architectural Design Course and Applied Science Course. The Research Promotion Center was reorganized as The Educational Reform Promotion Center and The Research Strategy Planning Center.