School Life and Activities

4 April
  • Entrance Ceremony
  • Freshman Training Camp
5 May
  • Sports Day
6 June
  • Off-Campus Training (2nd~3rd)
  • First half midterm Examination
7 July
  • Tohoku Area KOSEN Athletic Tournament
  • Open Campus
8 August
  • Summer Closure
  • KOSEN Athletic Tournament
9 September
  • First half term-end Examination
  • Off-Campus Training (hirose 3rd)
10 October
  • Programming Contest
  • KOSEN Festival
  • Tohoku Area Robot Contest
11 November
  • Study Tour(4th)
  • Academia-Industry Collaboration Symposium
  • Second-half midterm Examination
  • Robot Contest
12 December
  • Design Competition
  • Winter Closure
1 January
  • Second-half term-end Examination(5th)
  • English Presentation Contest
2 February
  • Second-half term-end Examination
  • Graduation Research Presentation(5th)
3 March
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • End-of-a-school-year closure

Sports Day


Sports Day
All college members - students, faculties, and staff participate in this most fun, exciting sports event.

KOSEN Athletic Tournament


KOSEN Athletic Tournament
The most important sports tournament. Qualified teams can participate in the Nationwide KOSEN Athletic Tournament.

KOSEN Festival


KOSEN Festival
There are many fun interesting activities which include stage performances, various contests and food stands.

Study Tour


Study Tour
During the 4th grade, students will visit Kansai or Kyushu areas or abroad to visit the various company manufacturing sites.

Club Activities

SENDAI KOSEN succeed in various official competitions.
There are various athletic events, and teams unique to KOSEN.
There are also many culture clubs.