Student Council, College Events

KOSEN Festival

There are many fun interesting activities which include stage performances and food vendors.

KOSEN Athletic Tournament

The most important and rigorous tournament for sports clubs. Qualified teams can participate in the Nationwide KOSEN Athletic Tournament.

Study Tour

During the 4th grade, students will visit Kansai or Kyushu areas or abroad to visit the various company manufacturing sites.

Sports Day

All college members - students, faculties, and staff participate in this most fun, exciting sports event.

Club activities

Hirose Campus


Track and Field, Basketball, Volleyball (Men’s, Women’s), Softball Tennis, Table Tennis, Soccer, Baseball, Japanese Fencing, Mountain Climbing, Badminton, Rugby, Tennis, Handball, Swimming


Brass Band, Light Music, Photographing, Amateur “HAM” Radio, Science, Japanese Harp, Go and Japanese Chess, Tea Ceremony/Flower Arrangement, Art, DTM, Programming


KOSEN Women’s Project

 Natori campus


Baseball, Volleyball (Men’s, Women’s), Table Tennis, Tennis, Soccer, Basketball (Men’s, Women’s), Judo, Japanese Fencing, Badminton (Men’s, Women’s), Track and Field, Swimming, Rugby, Wonder Vogel, Handball, Archery, Bicycle


Brass Band, Light Music, Photography, Amateur “HAM” Radio, Tea Ceremony, Art, Astronomy, Literature, Automobiles, ESS, Calligraphy, Game of Go and Japanese Chess, Community Service Club, Painting

Technology Study Group:

Mechatronics Research Group, Software Research Group, Science Experience Study Group (Rika Ranger), KOSEN Women’s Activity Promotion Circle