Q & A

Questions about Dormitory

Q1 Who are staying in the dormitory?
A1 Many of the Sendai KOSEN students go to college by train. However, for those whose houses are too far from college and/or inconvenient to come to college somehow, we do have a dormitory in the campus. Both international students and Japanese students stay in the dormitory.
Q2 How long does it take from the dormitory to Sendai downtown?
A2 It doesn’t take much time. From Hirose campus to Sendai downtown, it takes within 50 minutes in total by train and on foot. From Natori campus to Sendai downtown, it takes within 40 minutes in total by train and on foot.
Q3 Can students use rental bicycles?
A3 There are rental bicycles at the dormitory and students can use them.
Q4 Is it possible to go out the dormitory in the night?
A4 Dormitory students cannot go out in the night without permission. Teachers take a roll call at 21:00 on weeknights in the dormitory.
Q5 What kind of events are held in the dormitory?
A5 There are welcome party, summer and winter festivals.

Questions about Classes

Q1 What is the school day schedule like?
A1 We study from Monday to Friday, from 8:50 to 16:00. Students are free to use some classrooms for their club activities or self-study after school.
Q2 Why is KOSEN a unique system?
A2 KOSEN is a national institute of technology, meaning that our classes are mainly focused on certain field of technology (for example, Hirose campus has information system course that focuses on computer and technology). Yet, we also have activities like normal high schools. We mainly study basic subjects form 1st grade to 3rd grade and study deeper in each course of speciality in 4th grade and 5th grade. In the last two years of KOSEN, a lot of research is conducted by students.
Q3 How is a learning supported in KOSEN?
A3 Students are expected to use their acquired knowledge for practical implementation through activities, research, projects, and contests. Students are also provided with a great environment for learning and self-development in many aspects of life throughout the campus.
Q4 What kind of examinations do you have? What are they like?
A4 There are four testing periods per year. Usually testing time is 50 minutes per subject. We have TOEIC-IP Test for English proficiency, as well.
Q5 Are all classes taught in Japanese?
A5 Most of the classes are taught in Japanese including mathematics and physics. Yet, some English classes and other language classes are taught by a native speaker professor who can also speak Japanese.

Questions about International Students

Q1 Are there any international students
A1 Yes, the college has affiliation with many other schools and colleges around the world. We have always both long term international students and short term international students who come to study in our college.
Q2 Are there any scholarship systems for international students
A2 There is a possibility to receive scholarship from Japan Student Services Organization(JASSO). The successful candidate for the JASSO scholarship may receive around 80,000 yen per month.
Q3 How are international students supported
A3 Sendai KOSEN’s international community is outstanding and it is even more rapidly growing. There are various cultural exchange events students can join in campus. There are also Japanese classes for international students.