We introduce research activities at National Institute of Technology, Sendai College.
The Collection of Research Seeds shows you our staff's research activities.
More than 100 staffs have their special fields of research.

Collection of Research Seeds



Applied MathmaticsHiroaki MATSUEDAInterdisciplinary Physics Research Based on Quantum Information Theory


Condensed Matter PhysicsTakashi SHIRANENonlinear Properties of Magnetic Materials
Condensed Matter PhysicsNoriko HOSAKAMagneto-Optical Spectra of Composition- Spread Thin Films of Transition-Metal Oxides
Condensed Matter PhysicsKoji KAWASAKIBasic Research of Photo-Generated Carrier Behavior in Semiconductors
Condensed Matter PhysicsKentaro SATORaman Spectroscopy of Graphene
Condensed Matter PhysicsJun SUZUKIMaking Compact Devices Satisfying a Function
Particle PhysicsKazuki HASEBEMathematics and Physics of Topological Matter

Space Science

Observational astronomyMika KAGAYADeveloping a Gamma-Ray Detection System


Theoretical ChemistryKyoji KOMATSUInteracition between Materials and Laser Light


PedagogyYoshikatsu KUBOTAVocabulary Acquisition through Reading and Development of
Effective Vocabulary Learning Tasks
PedagogyKuniaki YAJIMAAnalyzing Concentration of Active Learning using Bio-
PedagogyAtsushi YAZAWAMultidimensional Approach to Multi-Cultural Education and
Diversity Education


Applied LinguisticsTaku TAKEDA(1) Dialects of Miyagi Prefecture (2) Japanese Language and
Culture Education for Both Japanese and Non-Japanese


Computer ScienceMasahiko HIRATSUKAToward Future Nanoscale Biomolecular Computing using
Integrated Circuits
Computer ScienceKeishi OKAMOTODeveloping Reliable and Safe Software
Computer ScienceKimio SATODeveloping Flexible GUI Systems to Support Self-Learning
Computer ScienceShunichiro WAKIYAMAConstructing Regional Information Transmission
Infrastructure using Area Broadcasting
Computer ScienceKen-ichi HAYAMIDeveloping of an Application Software for Networks etc.
Computer ScienceHironori KANNOInformation Delivery Infrastructure
Computer ScienceYoshiaki RIKITAKESoftware Development Process to Deliver Value
Computer ScienceAkiko TAKAHASHIIntelligent Agent Technology: User-Oriented Service
Provisioning System based on a Multiagent Framework
Machine EngineeringYuzuru OHBAMotion Control for Industrial Fields
Material EngineeringYuji IMAIFlexible Multifunctional Sensor based on Poly (Vinylidene Fluoride) Thin Film
Engineering (Others)Hisashi TAKESHIMAAssistive Technology Supporting Education and Living for People with Disabilities
Engineering (Others)Katsumasa IWAIEr:YAG Laser Delivery System for Medical Applications
Engineering (Others)Mio SAKUMADeveloping a Language Training System
Electrical/Electronic EngineeringKazutaka BABADeveloping Novel Educational Equipment for Optics and Optical Technology
Electrical/Electronic EngineeringShinji CHIBAProblem Solving of Local Industries and Communities using IoT
Electrical/Electronic EngineeringTadayuki HAYASHIHigh-Sensitivity Magnetic Sensor Application for NDE and
Ultra-Fine Magnetic Recording
Electrical/Electronic EngineeringYasuhiro KASHIWABAPreparing Electronic Devices using Zinc Oxide
Electrical/Electronic EngineeringSenshi NASUOptical Technologies for Image Acquisition, Processing and Display
Electrical/Electronic EngineeringJun SONODADeveloping Novel Electromagnetic Devices with High-Accuracy and Low-Cost Numerical Simulation
Electrical/Electronic EngineeringJunichi SUGAYAControl System with Uncertain Conditions, Inverted Pendulum Control and Liq.-Level Control
Electrical/Electronic EngineeringHideyuki KOBAYASHIEnvironment Recognition using Wireless Personal Area Networks
Electrical/Electronic EngineeringXiaoyong ZHANGHigh-Accuracy and High-Speed Digital Image Processing and Recognition


InformaticsNahomi M. FUJIKIData Analysis and Machine Learning
InformaticsYoshihiro HAYAKAWADeveloping New Information Systems Based on Neural Networks
InformaticsToshiaki OKUMURAAutomatic Extraction of a Selected Area from an Image
InformaticsToshihiko ANDOSocial Interaction among Humans, Information and Artifacts
Welfare EngineeringKazushi KUMAGAIDeveloping an Electric Wheelchair with a Single-Step Climbing Mechanism
Sports ScienceYusuke KANEMURASpread of Rugby Football, Rugby Football Coaching



AlgebraHisatoshi IKAIPure Abstract Algebras over Base Rings
AnalysisMadoka NAKAYAMAMorphologies of Bacillus subtilis Communities responding to Environmental Variation
AnalysisMiho TANIGAKIDeciphering Undecoded Books in Japanese Mathematics and its Analysis


Condensed Matter PhysicsKoichi KUMAGAIPhysical Properties of Organic and Inorganic Functional Materials and their Applications
Condensed Matter PhysicsHotaka YAGYUDeveloping New Superconductors


Organic ChemistryTomoaki ENDODeveloping Green Chemistry using a Three-Dimensional Ball Mill


EconomicsYoshihisa MIYAZAKICommunity Design and Financial Education through a Community Currency


PedagogyJun TAKEDAConstructing of Digital Archives for Flipped Learning


SociologyKiyoshi IIDAAmerican Literature and Culture

Historical Science

Historical ScienceAkiko TOKUTAKEJapanese Ancient History


LiteratureShinji KUBOTARepeating System of the Sacred and the Profane in Literary Texts


PsychologyHanae ISHIDesign Evaluation Based on Human Psychological and Behavioral Characteristics


Computer ScienceNoboru ENDONetwork Learning System using Software Router and Network Simulator
Acoustic EngineeringSatoshi YAIRINext-Generation Communication Systems using Sound Localization
Chemical EngineeringNobuyuki ISHIKAWAEnergy harvesting of Low Density Energy Sources
Machine EngineeringMasahiko ITOHSimple Control Technique for a Geared Wheel Drive Systems Applied to Small Electric Vehicles
Machine EngineeringShinji HAMANISHIThe Mystery World of "Auditory Mechanics"
Machine EngineeringTakashi WATANABEApplying of Real Time Calibration of Baseline Length in Single Camera Stereo Systems
ArchitectonicsMasayuki HANDOEstimating Earthquake-Resistant Properties of Building Structures
ArchitectonicsHiroshi KOBAYASHIMeasuring Indoor Air Flow Rates
ArchitectonicsChikao SAGAMIPrinciples of Spatial Structures and Regional Characteristics of Okura-Syo in the Edo Period, Research on Preservation and Utilization of Historic Buildings
ArchitectonicsTomomi FUJITADeveloping Vibration Control Systems for Realize Safety and Functional Maintenance of Building Structures
ArchitectonicsYoshinori GONDAIDeveloping Performance Evaluation Technology for Concrete in Cold Districts
ArchitectonicsYukari TUKADAArchitectural Planning and Design Principles Based on Human Behavior and Living Needs
ArchitectonicsYuki YOSHINOLateral Buckling Capacity for H-shaped Beams Considering Restraint Effects on Non-Structural Members
Material EngineeringKaku ASADAMicrostructural Control of Gas Nitrided Steel and Magnetic Materials
Material EngineeringKazuya KONNOFormation Mechanism of the Synchronized LPSO Phase in Mg-Based Alloys
Material EngineeringWataru ITOImproving Functional Metallic Material Properties using Microstructure Control
Material EngineeringSusumu KUMAGAIMechanical Behavior of Structural Materials
Material EngineeringMitsuhiro TAKEDADeveloping Powder for Functional/Structural Materials and Microstructural Observation
Material EngineeringMasaki MATSUBARADeveloping Novel Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Nanomaterials
Material EngineeringKazuma SUZUKIMicrostructure of Oxynitride Thin Films
Electrical/Electronic EngineeringHiroshi YAMADAEnvironmentally Sustainable Electromagnetic Energy Convertsion Systems
Electrical/Electronic EngineeringTakashi SATOTraffic Signal Light Color Discrimination for Road-Crossing Support of Pedestrians


Sports ScienceNaoto SHIBATARugby Football
Sports ScienceTakaaki FURUUCHISocial Skill Development in Physical Education