To expand opportunities for overseas KOSEN students to study at the two-year advanced course in National Institute of Technology (KOSEN), Sendai College introduces entrance examination at KOSEN Liaison offices in other countries.
 Five years have passed since the Japanese-style five-years course engineering education system "KOSEN" was introduced in Mongolia, and Mongolia's 3 KOSEN colleges will produce first graduates on June 17. There were several students among them who hoped to study in Japan.
 An entrance examination was conducted for them at the KOSEN Liaison office in Ulaanbaatar on May 20. The examination included a writing test and interviews, and four students out of the five applicants passed it.
 We are looking forward to seeing all the four students studying together with us in our College from next spring.

 Table Schedule on Entrance Examination of Advanced Course of Sendai College for Overseas KOSEN Students

 Date  Activities  Location
 Apr 1st - 12th  Application Acceptance  Sendai College
 May 20th  Entrance Examination  KOSEN Liaison Office in Ulaanbaatar
 May 30th  Examination Result Announcement  Application Acceptance Sendai College