On Sunday, June 16, 2019, International Food Party was held at the Hirose Campus Shoin Kaikan - the Shoin Hall, which was organized by the Student International Exchange Committee at Hirose Campus.

 This food party is held annually for the purpose of learning the culture of each other through the food culture of our Japanese students and international exchange students. This year, 32 Japanese students, 5 international students and 17 international exchange students from Finland, France and Thailand participated in this event. The international exchange students brought Tom Yam Kung Soup, Green Curry, Vietamese-style Fried Chicken, Apple Pie, French Toast and so on. The Japanese students brought Takoyaki (grilled dumpling with a bite of octopus) and Hosomaki (Sushi rolls). All dishes were prepared by the students. They went to buy ingredients together on the day before the party and they actively helped each other to cook the dishes and set up the party hall to make the event successful. At the party, they enjoyed a chat in English and Japanese while tasting the authentic national foods. After eating, they had a fun time with different games like Word Wolf and Fizz Buzz.

 Sendai Kosen organizes several international exchange events for students through the Student International Exchange Committee while international exchange students are studying in the college. At this party, it was observed that some Japanese students who are planning to visit Thailand on a college study tour asked some questions about the country of the participants. Some of the Japanese students also mentioned that they would like to visit the countries, where our affiliated colleges exist. Hearing such comments from Japanese students, this event can be said to be as a successful one which contributed to the promotion of global education in our college. The Student International Exchange Committee will continue to organize similar events in order to raise the international awareness among the students.

Picture 1.jpg:International Exchange Students and Japanese students cooked
        their own national foods together and served to the participants

Picture 2.jpg: PCSHS students enjoyed making Takoyaki

Picture 3.jpg:Mr. Fukuda, the president of the Student International
       Exchange Committee greeted the participants at the
       opening ceremony.