On July 4, four Thai Government Scholarship students visited our president in his office.
In this interview, Thai Government Scholarship students talked with the president about many topics such as their daily school life and dormitory life. Especially, they spent a very fulfilling time talking about chemistry, which is the president’s academic field, including discussing advanced academic contents. The president sent words of encouragement to them at the end of the meeting.
 NIT Sendai College is one of the six NIT Colleges that were selected to accept students for the Thai Government Scholarship Program. We accommodate two students every year who have finished grade 9 in Princess Chulabhorn Science High School (PCSHS). They will be studying with us for 7 years until they finish the advanced engineering course.
 We will also hold a 7-day Summer Program from July 28 to August 3, 2019 for those who wish to enter NITs in Japan next year, and Sendai College will be the main venue of the program. The purposes of this program are to hold a competitive examination and to have students experience college life such as class activities.
We will report on the Summer Program later.

Talking with the President    PCSHS students and teachers