Two students, Mr. Emil Rantanen and Mr. Patrik Johansson from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences(MUAS), Finland, gave their final presentations in Hirose Campus, Sendai KOSEN on February 4, 2020.

 They had worked on the research projects “Study on Image Resizing Based on Seam Carving” (Mr. Emil Rantanen), and ‟Virtual Reality Games as Learning Tools” (Mr. Patrik Johansson) in Hirose Campus for 5 months since September 2019.
During their presentations, they also introduced their interesting experiences about Japanese culture, such as visiting Cat Island-Tashirojima-, Hokkaido, and Comic Market. They enjoyed their stay at Sendai KOSEN.

 In the last five months, the two students have been very enthusiastic to learn Japanese language, and now can speak Japanese for daily communication. Patrik even tried to create a virtual reality game using his experience in learning Japanese as a motif.

 We hope the experiences in Japan and Sendai KOSEN will benefit their future success.

Emil explained his research about image resizing while keeping the important content intact.

Patrik explained the characteristics of the game he created.

Gathering photo with professors and classmates after the presentation.