Four 5th-year students, who participated in the long-term overseas internship program at Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS), Finland, gave presentations about their research and experiences in Finland, in Hirose Campus, Sendai KOSEN on February 18, 2020. They studied in TUAS for half a year from August, 2019 to January, 2020.

 The students reported the results of their research projects at TUAS. Mr. Yuuki Hosshin (Intelligent and Electronics Systems Course) and Mr. Keisuke Konno (Information and Telecommunication Systems Course) introduced “Health care system for patients using sensor”. Ms. Karin Shoji (Information Systems Course) presented ‟Game development using Finnish culture and nature as motifs”, and Mr. Reima Ishii (Information and Telecommunication Systems Course) talked about ‟ NB-IoT sensor network building”.

 During their presentations, they also introduced their living experiences of Finnish culture, such as sauna, cooking in the dorms, and Christmas/new year parties. They enjoyed their stay at TUAS.

 The students are very enthusiastic to learn English language and, their presentations were delivered in English.

 All the students have gained strong confidence to work in foreign countries through the internship program and the cultural exchanges at TUAS.

Mr. Hosshin answered questions Ms. Shoji introduced her cultural experiences