Two professors, Dr. Vesa Ollikainen and Dr.Keijo Lansikunnas, from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (MUAS), Finland, gave an intensive course in Hirose Campus, Sendai KOSEN from February 25 to 28, 2020.

 Dr. Vesa Ollikainen introduced Anaconda Python and applications in machine learning. Dr.Keijo Lansikunnas lectured on system development using FreeRTOS. The course included the introduction of basic theories and practices during classes. So the students could have a deep understanding of machine learning and FreeRTOS on the basis of the knowledge of programing and embedded system that they had learned in their regular courses in Sendai KOSEN.

 The lectures were delivered in English, which also helped Sendai KOSEN students to improve their English language skills.

 The students were very enthusiastic to learn the latest knowledge in English, and were grateful for this valuable opportunity from MUAS.


Dr. Vesa Ollikainen lectured on Python
Dr. Keijo Lansikunnas lectured on FreeRTOS The two professors took care of each of the students