I am writing this message to all students of National Institute of Technology, Sendai College (Sendai KOSEN) as we were not able to have the opening ceremony because of the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

 First of all, please keep it in mind that your body and brain are still in the process of growing up in any circumstances. If you do some exercise every day, such as running or swimming, your physical strength will be developed. The same thing would happen to your mind. If you don’t use your brain to think, your mind will never grow. Once you find the answer to a problem, you will be able to solve similar problems more quickly and accurately. Please try to spend a little time to train your body and mind every day.

 Let’s think about what role engineers can play in solving the issue of the coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading. Engineers have built bridges, laid railroads, supplied electricity, or produced cars in response to the demand and request from the society since the dawn of industrial technology. Now our society needs more and more surgical masks and ventilators, and the companies from completely different fields have started to produce them. We may be able to detect crowded places where high risk of infection exists by using positional information of smart phones. The point is, please think how you can contribute to the society using your specialty even the virus is categorized as a medical issue. To respond flexibly to various demands from the society, you will be required to have an interest in other fields such as humanities, social science, or Japanese and English languages. I recommend you to read a wide range of books too. Be thirsty for broad knowledge.

 Some of you may have some worries about what the future holds for you. KOSEN is a school that is devoted to fostering students who can contribute to the society with their advanced knowledge and expertise. If you become a successful engineer, you can be independent, make your living, and open your own future. Sendai KOSEN is always ready to support you in your efforts to realize your dreams and to establish yourself in the world.

 Some of you may also choose a different way to contribute to the society and make your living. Some KOSEN students became a novelist or even a singer after their graduation. Don’t worry on your own. Please turn to your family, friends, and supervisors for advice. You are not alone. We are always here for you.

April 6, 2020
President, National Institute of Technology, Sendai College