May 8, 2020

 To prevent infections of COVID-19 and encourage students to study at home, Sendai KOSEN has been offering online courses since April 20. These courses are available as interactive classes and on-demand lessons. In interactive classes, students attend classes via online conferencing. Live video and audio streams of their classes allow students to interact in real-time with their instructors and classmates. Lesson content is also provided on-demand in the form of documents and videos that students can access anytime they want.

 Please refer to our website regularly as an updated response may be posted. The following information is as of May 8, 2020.

1. Classes in May and June
 ・Online courses will be offered until June 19 due to the extension of Japan’s state of emergency.
 ・In-person classes on campus are scheduled to begin on June 22.

2. Dormitories
 ・ For the time being, student dormitories will remain closed.

3. Extracurricular activities and coming to the college
 ・Student’s extracurricular activities are prohibited until June 19.
 ・Students are permitted to come to college for job searching.
 ・ When students come to the college, we advise their parents to drive them to and from school.