On May 11, 2020, we conducted an online special entrance examination for international students in conjunction with five campuses of four KOSEN in Tohoku and Hokkaido regions. It has been six years since the unique education system of KOSEN was introduced internationally.

 Four Mongolian KOSEN students (including expected graduates) from the class of 2020 took part in this entrance examination. They expect to enroll at Hakodate, Tomakomai, Hachinohe or Sendai KOSEN in Japan.

 Due to COVID-19, we regrettably canceled our visit to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia for the special entrance examination. However, the interview and the proctoring of the exam was successfully carried out using video conference system at Natori campus, Sendai KOSEN.

 Each candidate was well-prepared for the exam and they gave us a presentation of their research in Japanese as a second language.
Successful candidates, who are expected to graduate from KOSEN in Mongolia this June, are scheduled to travel to Japan and study at advanced engineering course from April, 2021 after successful completion of a six-month Japanese language program in Mongolia.

Online interview with students in Mongolia was conducted at Natori campus, Sendai KOSEN.