On June 1, high schools in Miyagi prefecture began on-campus classes. We would also like to allow you back on campus as soon as possible, so you can attend classes and participate in experiments and practical training. In this way, we wish to provide the opportunity for you to interact with your classmates and friends. After considering about our students who come to school from other prefectures and preparations necessary to reopen our dorms, we are now planning to begin classes in classrooms from June 22 while implementing strict measures to prevent infection of COVID-19. If you have permission from a teacher, you are permitted to come to school even before June 22.

 Research about COVID-19 has revealed that even if you do not show symptoms, you can infect others if you are infected. This means that you could be infected on your way to school and then infect others in your classroom without knowing it. Therefore, please observe the following measures at school and home.

・Check your temperature every morning and stay home if you don’t feel well.
・ Wear a mask.
・ Maintain a distance of at least 1 meter between yourself and others.
・Wash your hands and face with soap immediately after arriving at school or home.

・When talking, do not position yourself directly in front of others and choose a well-ventilated place.
・ Avoid talking loudly, and be careful of splashing others with your saliva.
・Do not sit across from others when eating, and do not share your food.
・ Play outdoors rather than indoors.

・Do not go to crowded and enclosed places such as gaming arcades and karaoke stores.
・ Take notes of who you had long interactions with in case you show symptoms.
・Do not go to areas where the infection is prevalent. If you had to visit such areas due to special reasons, refrain from meeting others for 8 days after coming home.

June 1, 2020

Hiroshi Fukumura
President, National Institute of Technology, Sendai College