Dormitory life at Shoin-ryo for this academic year has begun as we resume some on-campus classes. We welcomed our students of second-year and above back to the dormitory on June 19. Ninety first-year students also moved into the dormitory on June 20.

 To prevent infections of COVID-19, we have taken measures such as restricting movement between student rooms, scheduling different bathing times, restricting outings, and canceling dormitory events. Dormitory students may feel uneasy of this new way of life because they cannot communicate as freely with their fellow residents. However, we believe that this is a good opportunity for students to cultivate their sense of ethics and creativity as an engineer. Students can consider what should stay the same as before and what should change under the current social conditions.

 The Dormitory Resident Support Room and Dormitory Resident Society will work together to carry on dormitory administration. We appreciate the understanding and continued support from our students’ parents for dormitory administration.

Washing hands after coming back to the dormitory Having meals at the canteen while maintaining social distance
Attending an online course in his own room