One month has passed since the reopening of campuses on June 22. Some on-campus classes and extracurricular activities have restarted, and college life is getting back to normal day by day. The “Manual for Measures to Prevent Infections of COVID-19 at School — The New Normal at School” published by MEXT indicates basic measures such as maintaining social distance, avoiding the “Three Cs” (closed spaces, crowded places, close-contact settings), wearing a mask, and washing hands for hygiene.

 We have requested that students check their body temperature and condition every morning, wash their hands after arriving at school and at lunch time, sanitize their hands before attending classes, wear a mask at all times, and disinfect classrooms and laboratories after classes. Faculty and staff are also working hard to prevent infections by wearing masks during classes, maintaining social distance, and disinfecting classrooms and laboratories after school.

 In addition, we have made improvements to our facilities and environment to prevent infections as follows:

  Installation of plastic curtains
 (to prevent infections from being splashed with saliva)

   Installation of floor signs
(to prevent infections from being splashed with saliva)

Adjusting the automatic door system to work with motion sensors
       (to prevent infections by contact)

Installation of sinks on the ground floor (pilotis) under the Library

Installation of sinks at the entrance of the Liberal Arts Building

Providing alcohol-based hand sanitizers

Providing tools for disinfecting the classrooms

Installation of alcohol-based hand sanitizers and disinfectants
in the classrooms

Posting information on infection prevention in classrooms

Promoting infection prevention in classrooms

 New seating arrangements in the student canteens
(to maintain social distance)

New seating arrangements in the student canteens
(to maintain social distance)

Opening special purpose rooms for students’ lunch time

Installation of soundproof screens between classrooms

Installation of a waiting space and plastic curtains
at the entrance of the infirmary

Installation of air circulators in classrooms

Installation of ozone generators for disinfection Disinfecting classrooms by faculty and staff